My Design Work

About Me

Who am I? How does who I am reflect in my work? What’s the impact of my work on others? For me the search for the right solutions starts with asking the right question. I stand strong in my shoes and am not afraid to ask or answer difficult questions. Then, with my research, I try to understand the subject both broadly and deeply. Finding the answers to these questions create meaning in my work. It is important to me that the world is shaped in a meaningful way. Sometimes it appears that I stand still, but this is not the case. After carefully considering various options, I map out a route that I then follow through with a bang. My process is never a straight line, but I like this. I don’t allow myself to be limited to one area. Instead of that I make new discoveries by sailing through uncharted territory. Authenticity is central to my work. My own perception and expression, as well as creating an authentic connection with my target audience are important. Ultimately, for me, it is all about me creating something of value, small or big.